Do you really know what tomato is?

Yes, yes... It also happens to us. Tomato is one of the super ingredients of our favourite dishes, but... do you really know what tomato is?

Oh Tomato, our great ally in the kitchen! We want it everywhere. In our fantastic bread with sausage, in casseroles, salads and… And of course, in our beloved gazpachos and salmorejos. But it seems that we are still not clear whether it is a fruit or a vegetable.

Well, if we focus to the biological approach, we will tell you that the tomato is a fruit. Why?

Fruit is the part of the fruit that can be eaten and has a reproductive function, in fact, it is the fertilised ovary that protects the seed. Thus, tomato is clearly a fruit.


However, vegetables are the different elements of plants (roots, stems, leaves…) and their functions are very varied. For example, a lettuce (leaves) and a carrot (root) are vegetables. The same applies to celery, chard or potatoes.


In any case, and having satisfied our curiosity, it is clear that tomatoes are wonderful for their enormous health benefits, for the many varieties that exist (and which we love) and for the infinite number of dishes that can be made with them.

Source: VERNE