The term VIB’s is the abbreviation of Vegetables In a Bottle, and the name of our brand expresses what we do: fresh and 100% natural products, ready for you to open the bottle, smell, taste and enjoy.

Grated Tomato

VIB’s Natural Grated Tomato is made with our own tomatoes, we control their ripeness and the state of the raw material.
We make natural grated tomato and natural grated tomato with extra virgin olive oil and salt, ready to eat.

Cold Soups

As for Gazpacho, VIB’s has two types: Gazpacho Tradicional, with a recipe that conquers gazpacho lovers, and Gazpacho Oro, for those who are looking for different flavours. The latter is made with kumatotomato and onion, which add a sweet touch to the product.
Another product in our range of cold soups is the home-style Salmorejo, made gluten-free and with an exceptional flavour.

Vegetable Creams

Vegetable creams join our range of VIB’S products: Cream of Courgette Cream, Cream of Pumpkin Cream and Cream of Vegetable Cream, perfect for cold winter days and for those who are in a hurry, want to prepare food quickly and at the same time, eat healthy.