Cold soups made from entirely fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. They have a fresh aroma and even texture, with no additives or added water.
We have four varieties: Traditional, Andalusian gazpacho with gluten-free bread, Premium or Gourmet, and Beetroot.
The bread used in the recipes is always bread made by us and is entirely gluten free. The extra virgin olive oil we use ensures a perfectly even mix and a product with the appropriate organoleptic properties of freshness and quality. No added water.
Fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable drinks

Our fruit and vegetable juices and drinks only use 100% natural ingredients and offer a refreshing mix of flavours that satisfy your appetite in a way that is healthy, nutritious and balanced.


Succulent combinations of fresh vegetables, created to be healthy and natural food, perfect for a balanced diet and to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Made from recipes designed for different types of foods, completely natural and ready to season our dishes. We only use fresh, natural ingredients, plus extra virgin olive oil and gluten-free bread fully mixed into the product. No added water.

Chopped tomatoes

Quality tomatoes packaged immediately after being chopped. The product has a home-made texture, containing the seeds and skin of the fresh tomatoes which offer the flavour and smell of natural, recently picked tomatoes.


A great company with an innovative, exclusive production and manufacturing process needs a great family of BRANDS that can bring a wide range of top-quality fruit and vegetable products whose nutritional and health properties remain intact to every supermarket, superstore or point of sale.

Our brands thus give their names to each and every one of the products contained in our product catalogue and each of them has the mission of reflecting the personality of their end customer:
Eating healthily means having a feeling of well-being. With our WOW products, the whole family benefits from the balance provided by an enjoyable, fun diet. For the oldest and the youngest in the household, offering great quality and high nutritional value. When you take care of what you eat, you take care of your health. In a relaxed, fun way, with WOW, I love them, I take care of them.
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Fresh fruit and vegetables for a nutritious, healthy and delicious diet. An original way to get your fruit and vegetables that the whole family will like. Fresh vegetables to be consumed anywhere and in a thousand different ways: from a bottle, in a pot, at the table, at work, travelling, when you leave the house… VIBs is quality food that is in tune with your lifestyle: dynamic, healthy and entirely natural.
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