Our vision
To contribute effectively to improving the quality of consumers daily food intake and become a benchmark for health and food quality.
Our mission
To use healthy and natural fresh fruits and vegetables that have passed the most stringent cultivation, harvesting, selection and handling processes, in order to create food products with a superb flavour, smell and texture.
Research, development and innovation
are the cornerstones of our philosophy. This has led us to design and create the exclusive Cool-Vega Company quality guarantee process. This is an exclusive process that thoroughly regulates and monitors the temperature in all the phases and facilities involved in the process, from the harvesting, selection and handling of the raw materials to the preparation and distribution of the end product, so as to bring the very best of the countryside right to the consumer's table.
A guarantee of quality, health and flavour
The entire design of the business, buildings and facilities was conceived and created from the very start to meet the necessary food safety standards, in order to achieve certification indicating conformity with proper application of the standards. If we add to this a careful preparation process that meets the strictest production standards, the result is a company that is oriented towards offering the highest quality and ensuring the full flavour and nutritious content of all its products.

The close relationships and collaboration between the company's innovation and development departments and reputed nutritional and agri-food research centres make Cool-Vega Company a pioneer in its sector.

In addition, and due to the increase in sensitivities, intolerance or allergies to gluten, Cool-Vega Company guarantees that all its products are suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Likewise, and respecting all the existing diet options, each and every one of the products made at the company are entirely free from ingredients of animal origin. Cool-Vega guarantees that none of its products contains added water, thus achieving a more intense and natural flavour in the product, as well as contributing greater nutritional value to our diet.

Certification document attached.